IMG 6817 - Healing Benefits Of Black Forest Honey For Skin Health
August 24, 2022

Black forest honey is a perfect combination of herbs and medicinal plants from the untouched surroundings. It is a monofloral honey type, as the honey bees produce it from the sap of the insects collected from the leaves of an oak tree. In some countries, it is also called honeydew honey.


As its name proposes, it is produced from oak trees, and its nutritional composition differs from other honey varieties. Black forest honey has a smooth texture and thick consistency, which makes it a more appealing honey type. The color of black forest honey ranges from dark to very dark with a medium, woody, warm intensity. It is less fragrant when compared with different honey varieties and offers medium sweetness with weak acidity. Honey produced from honey bees benefiting from honeydew has significant properties that make it a sound substance in daily diet.

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Immunity protection is exceptionally significant for humans, and black forest honey is packed with essential minerals and vitamins. Minerals include magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc,  and Vitamin B6 and C in wild forest honey. It is additionally rich in fructose & sucrose, the two of which are fantastic nourishment sources.


Benefits of Black Forest Honey


  •       Assists in healing cuts and wounds
  •       The rich quantity of antioxidants and nutraceuticals helps in strengthening the immune system
  •       Provides energy to the body throughout the day
  •       Regular consumption of black forest honey protects against cancer
  •       Heals cough & sore throats
  •       It assists with decreasing the risk of heart and respiratory diseases
  •       It helps against acid reflux
  •       It helps to combat infectious diseases


Above all, black forest honey is the best natural ingredient endowed by Mother Nature for improving skin glow and healthiness. It has remarkable healing properties, advances collagen building, and is a fantastic anti-ager. Black forest honey is also loaded with potent antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties and has been a natural ingredient for revamping skin health.


  •       A Natural Moisturizer – 


The goodness of powerful enzymes in black forest honey makes it a natural humectant that can hydrate the skin normally. These properties diminish the skin’s dryness, even after being exposed to sunlight for a longer time. In addition, raw honey’s moisturizing and soothing impact makes the skin look glowing, soft & radiant.

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Apply 1-2 tsp of raw honey all over the face and massage for some time. Allow it to remain for 15-20 minutes, and rinse well with water.


  •       Exfoliator


Black forest honey’s delicate exfoliating properties make the skin look reviving and smooth. It assists well in eliminating dead skin cells that clog the pores and make the skin look dull. In addition, the solid antimicrobial properties work effectively in lightening acne scars and keeping the skin safe from anti-aging signs.


  •       Treats Acne


The antibacterial properties of black forest honey neutralize skin inflammation causing microbes and prevent its outburst. Black forest honey is a miracle ingredient to decrease the redness & swelling of the pimples as it functions for its calming properties. Also, it additionally keeps up with the skin balance and reduces the production of sebum oil.

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  •       Brightens Tanned Skin


Black forest honey has large amounts of skin-fortifying supplements and is also a natural ingredient for practical application, which doesn’t lead to itching or irritation. Additionally, its unique moisturizing and exfoliating properties guarantee the elimination of dead cells and discoloration while providing intense hydration to dry skin areas, in this way brightening up dull, tanned skin.


To treat tanned skin, take a small amount of turmeric powder, and 3 tbsp rose water and mix it with 1 cup of honey. Apply this to the tanned body parts. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water and wipe off. Apply this mixture twice a week for one month to lessen suntans and uncover glowing skin.



  •       Cures Cracked Heels


Bestowed with valuable antioxidants, black forest honey showcases essential antiseptic and antimicrobial characteristics, which make all the difference in helping wounded tissues and speeding up injury healing in the harmed feet. In addition, this thick natural sweetener also has ample of emollient elements to hydrate dry skin in the feet, consequently filling in as a fabulous natural solution for cracked heels.


To begin with, it is essential to clean and dry the feet completely. Then, cautiously and tenderly clean off dead skin cells using a pumice stone. Take 1 cup honey with 2 tbsp milk and 3 tsp orange juice. Apply this mixture onto peeled feet and keep it on for a few hours or overnight. Wash off with lukewarm water the following morning. Repeating the process on alternate days for at least 1 month will significantly repair cracked heels.

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  •       Natural Lip Balm 


Black forest honey works as an excellent skin cream and is perfect for healing dried-out lips. The rich antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients in honey make it a good lip balm that keeps the lips naturally hydrated even in winter.


  •       Cleanses the Pores:


Not many people know that black forest honey is an effective home remedy for cleansing pores and disposing of black & whiteheads. Antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties of honey assists with getting rid of blackheads by eliminating dirt from pores. It then hydrates and fixes skin pores for delicate skin.

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Mix one raw honey spoon with two jojoba oil or coconut oil spoons. Apply to clean, dry skin, and massage delicately in a roundabout movement, keeping away from your eye region. Wash with cold water.


While the benefits of using black forest honey for skin health are many, there are ways by which you can prepare your face pack with honey inside the comfort of your home and skip the hassle of rushing to a parlor or the market in search of expensive and chemically treated creams, face masks, skin moisturizers, and lotions.


Replacing sugar with black forest honey in your diet is a wise move to stay healthy. What can be more reassuring is that the honey you buy is 100% pure, natural & raw.

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