June 29, 2022

If the first thoughts that come to the mind include Disney, Harry Potter or Cadbury You’ll instantly remember the text written in bizarre fonts. This is how logos for text serve, by communicating the unique characteristics of the brand using typography, shapes and colors. This kind of identity can be useful to establish brand recognition, and it is essential during the early phases of a business. In this article we’ll show you how to create an unforgettable style for a logo that is based on text.

Is a logo a symbol?

The term “logo” is of Greek origin : logos – words + Tupos which refers to impression. The term “logo” originated at the beginning of the 19th century and was used to refer to the combination of several characters found in”the typographic font.

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The logo can be described as a sign that includes stylized letters or images that convey the concept of a particular idea. Its primary function is to represent the branding of the business. By using it, users will be able to recognize, identify and select the company they like.

A logo could be the most important element that represents the identity of the business. The average consumer will notice that the presence of an emblem or any other trademark of an established company with a good reputation indicates that it’s an indication of the quality of the product or service. If a product isn’t branded with a brand image, it’s not a reliable source. A well-known brand is the base of branding a business. It lets potential customers know the type of business they deal with and the activities they perform.

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How do you design the Text Logo

To design an appealing logo using text, you need to be focused on each aspect of the design. We will look at all the elements in the layout.

Criteria for selection

The identity of a brand represents the physical personality of a company through the use of colors and graphics, fonts and colors. Therefore the process of establishing the corporate identity must begin with a thorough investigation of the company’s brand positioning and businessobjectives:

  • The nature of your business. Develop phrases or words that are related to your business. Examples include: friendly distinctive, committed to the environment, etc. You must define your identity and find ways to express your personality.
  • The target audience. Review your customers’ profiles to determine who they are what they cherish, what drives them, and what their main goals are. It’s crucial to pick the right tools that will effectively convey your message to the target audience in their language of choice.
  • The brand name of your competition. Look at the logos in the text of the businesses that operate in your sector. It is important to select the fonts as well as colors that make your brand stand out from those of your competitors.
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Select the correct font

Once you’ve carried the examination, it’s time to choose the design language. The primary function in the text of the logo is attributed to typography. Its ability to be read and how the branding is perceived depends on it.

Font type

There are four font types utilized for common use:

  • With serifs. It’s a great choice for brands who want to highlight the prestige as well as professionalism, tradition or the quality (Tiffany, Rolex, Gucci);
  • Sans serifs. It is used by most brands. It’s simple to install on any device and of any dimension.
  • Handwritten. They are employed in creative projects and innovative, as well as in companies dealing with health as well as home improvements. With handwritten fonts, the brand can engage with its clients and project an image of openness and warmth (Barbie, Walgreens, Cadbury);
  • Creative typography. It is frequently used by businesses that want to stand out and establish their own mark on the market (Disney, The New York Times, Harry Potter).
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A majority of fonts can be found in a variety of styles. For example regular bold direct, bold, italic direct, directly or italic, direct. Choose the one that most effectively communicates the essence of the brand and its concept. Consider how you’ll write the word. For instance, capital letters, lower case letters, or a mix of both.


Pay attention to kerning. It can be described as the procedure of altering letters’ distance. Even though the distances between the letters remain identical because of the particularities of the letters as well as the form combinations, it may appear as if the distance is either too large or small. In these situations, the distance is manually adjusted so that the text is consistent and does not cause difficulty in reading.

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Make sure that the font you select the font you select is clear even at low resolution. The logo should appear even on tiny-sized media, such as cards for offices or a plate that is a signature on an email.

We select the color

As with typefaces color is a huge influence on how your company is perceived by the people who are likely to use it. When choosing the right color is essential to take into consideration this. For example, red is a symbol of the power and energy blue can bring peace and calm. The combination of black and white is connected by elegance and sophistication.

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The possibility exists to blend different shades. This can add personality to the brand’s image. One example is in the Google logo. Google logo. You can pick from a wide range of backgrounds that include black, white, and color.

Form and graphic effects

The primary characteristic of the logo could be different from normal graphics or games that have the element of. There are many choices:

  • Replace the letter with an image. Choose a symbol closely related to your company. For instance, Pixar replaced “I” with a lamp;
  • Consider different spellings. Add a distinctive element that stands out from other rows and draws the attention of others. For instance the big “A” in Braun;
  • Complete the application form. You can put an entry in the form. A good example is IKEA;
  • Break into lines. This is a great method for companies with simple and concise names. The name must be easily read. For example, Uniqlo divided the name into two lines that made the shape of an oval. Furthermore, Miniso did not just make a word but added an adorable smiley face at the end.
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A well-designed logo for text can help you convey the essence of your business’s brand in a simple manner. The client will be able to easily recall the logo and identify the logo when they come across it over and over. Pay attention to all aspects and you’ll be successful for yourself. We wish you good luck!

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